By Shane McGlaun

Looks Like the Axe Is Falling on Scionzoom in

While it’s not yet been officially confirmed,

While it’s not yet been officially confirmed, word on the street is that Toyota has decided to discontinue the entire Scion brand. The cars were originally aimed at younger buyers wanting style on a budget. The brand failed to attract many buyers with its top year being back in 2006 when it sold 175,000 cars.

In 2015, the Scion brand moved only 56,167 cars total. To put it in perspective, Toyota moved more of its Avalon models alone than all Scion cars. Scion’s struggles were clear, when in the last year, they released the IM and IA, two “new” cars that were just a rebadged Toyota Auris and a Mazda 2.

The only car that enthusiasts will be concerned about is the fate of the FR-S. I’d like to see that RWD sports car become the Toyota GT86 we all really wanted. Sales for the FR-S haven’t been great dropping 25% for the model in 2015. That’s because the car needs more power to appeal to a wider range of buyers if you ask me. Regardless, Subaru is still making the BR-Z anyhow.

We have no idea at this point what will happen to the Scion cars. It’s likely that some will be discontinued or they could become Toyota models.

Source:: 95 Octane