By Shane McGlaun

2021 Chevrolet Corvette C8 Prices See a Modest Increase

Anyone who wants a C8 Corvette and didn’t manage to grab a 2020 model is in for a price bump in 2021. Chevrolet has confirmed a rumor floating around that the MSRP of the 2021 C8 Corvette is increasing. That means the car’s sub $60,000 starting point is no more.

The good news is the MSRP doesn’t appear to be going up by much. The rumor claimed the price would be increasing by $1000 across the board, and Chevrolet spokesperson allegedly has confirmed the change. With the new pricing, the base Stingray coupe starts at $60,995, while the convertible starts at $68,495.

The next step up the Corvette ladder is the 2LT, starting at $68,295 for the coupe or $75,295 for the convertible. The top trim level is the 3LT at $72,945 for the coupe or $79,945 for the convertible. Apparently, the price increase kicked in on March 1, but the increase won’t impact customers who have event code 1100 sold orders and beyond by March 2.

As for why the prices have gone up by $1000, there is no official word. Speculation suggests that the microprocessor shortage plaguing the automotive industry forced Chevrolet to reduce the production of other models, which led to increased pricing across the board.

[via Corvette Action Center]

Source:: 95 Octane