A Playmate Pink 1968 AMC AMX Rolls into Jay’s Garage

April 4, 2015 | Enthusiast News, From The Web

By Sam Jemielity

A Playmate Pink 1968 AMC AMX Rolls into Jay's Garage

Ever since 1964, Playboy Magazine has awarded their Playmate of the Year a vehicle as part of her prize. The cars, trucks and once even a boat have always been painted “Playmate Pink,” a custom hue that definitely turns heads when seen on the street. When AMX aficionado Mark Melvin stumbled across the 1968 AMC AMX that had been given to that year’s Playmate of the Year, Angela Dorian. With help from fellow members of the AMX club, Melvin faithfully restored the car from near-junker status to a road-going beauty – if pink’s your thing.

That would be a weird enough story, but during the course of the episode, Melvin shares an even more bizarre series of events surrounding the vehicle – apocryphal though they may be. After rising to starlet status as Playmate of the Year, Dorian met Roman Polanski, who cast her in Rosemary’s Baby. In the course of shooting, Dorian became best friends with Polanski’s wife, Sharon Tate. According to Melvin, Tate invited Dorian to come to the infamous party where the Manson Family murders occurred, but Dorian was sick and stayed home. In the aftermath of the tragedy, Polanski supposedly gave Dorian his handgun for her protection. Fast forward to 2011, when – again, according to Melvin – Dorian used that same gun to shoot and injure her husband in the back during an argument, and she is now currently in prison.

Of course, true car guy that he is, Melvin was more concerned about how her imprisonment would impede him getting title to the AMX.

Source:: 95 Octane

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