By Sam Jemielity

A V8 928 and E500 Look Ice Cold in Iceland

When he’s not piloting planes for Icelandair, Torfi Sigurjonsson is likely racing around winding roads in the barren Iceland landscape in one of his two beloved V8 classics, a Speed Yellow Porsche 928 and a jet-black Mercedes E500. “I think since I had the 560SEL, with the big V8, I got hooked,” says Sigurjonsson in this lovely Petrolicious video. “It had to be V8. It’s a nice feeling to drive around not too fast, you know all the power in there. You don’t have to be [driving] 200 [kilometers per hour] plus.”

Topping Sigurjonsson’s dream car list, the E500 arrived in 2006, after the Icelander bought it in New Jersey. He picked up the Porsche in 2009, after finding it in the United Kingdom on the internet. Having been an Icelandair pilot for more than a quarter century, Sigurjonsson has devoted his life to fast, powerful, nimble machines. “Aviation and cars. There is a connection between fast airplanes and fast cars,” Sigurjonsson says. “You only have one life, so I try to make the most out of it.”

Source:: 95 Octane