By Shane McGlaun

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The Ariel Nomad is the off-road cousin to the Arial Atom. While the Atom is a little track day beast with serious handling skills, the Nomad is not. The Nomad on the other hand is a tubular steel, 2WD off-roader with long travel suspension and big, beefy tires. The idea for the Nomad is a mix of a sand rail, dune buggy, and desert racer. Thanks to Virginia outfit TMI AutoTech, we can now buy the Nomad here in the U.S.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Nomad, it’s powered by a Honda V-TEC four-cylinder making 235 hp mounted in the rear, and a long-travel suspension comes courtesy of Ohlins. The Nomad comes in two versions. The Nomad Sport goes for $78,200- ouch. The Nomad Tactical is the top of the line version and is very cool.

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Tactical buyers get skid plates, sump guards, and lots of lights. It starts at $90,450, which seems like a lot extra for a few bolt ons, but it does look awesome. I love the idea of a Nomad, but it seems like a cold, dirty way to get off-road.

For North American buyers interested in getting into a Nomad, check out their U.S. website.

Source:: 95 Octane