By Shane McGlaun

Bugatti Chiron Revs Make Pulses Racezoom in

A few weeks ago, we caught the

A few weeks ago, we caught the delivery of a Bugatti Chiron in Monaco. It appears that the same people delivered a similar, if not the exact same Chiron to Vienna for the International Vienna Motor Symposium. This time out the driver of the car makes multiple cold starts and revs the engine of the car quite nicely.

The Chiron sounds fantastic, even if I prefer the sound of a Ferrari. What I do love is the sound of a big engine mated with serious turbo whine. I can’t wait until we finally see a Chiron being driven at speed.

The video of the unloading and revving is almost six and a half minutes and is worth a watch. I am pretty sure this is the same car from Monaco. The best sound is the deep bass note around 5:20 as the car goes back into the truck.

Source:: 95 Octane