Delahaye Bugnaughty: A Modern Art-Deco Dream Car

May 5, 2015 | Enthusiast News, From The Web

By Stirling Matheson

Delahaye Bugnaughty: A Modern Art-Deco Dream Carzoom in

Terry Cook, the man behind the Bugnotti and the Pacific, two glorious ’30s art deco-inspired pieces of modern machinery, has just announced another car: the Bugnaughty. Yes, the name is ridiculous, and the music in the promo video is even more ridiculous, but the car itself is a masterpiece.

Design-wise, it’s a mash-up of the Bugatti Type 57S, the Auburn Boattail Speedster, and my personal favorite, the Figoni et Falaschi Type 135 Delahaye. Just because it looks cool, it’s even rocking a Hispano-Suiza hood ornament. Under the hood lurks a 302 ci Ford V8 and a C4 automatic transmission. It’s not like this is intended to be a canyon carver or a track machine though; it’s intended to look awesome.

All I have to say is that you’d better have deep pockets and a good tailor. The deep pockets are to drop $300,000 on a car, and the tailor is because you’d look absurd in anything other than a perfect suit getting out of this beauty.

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