By Shane McGlaun

Ford Publishes Official EPA Driving Range Estimates for Lightning Pickup

Last week some window stickers for the F-150 Lightning pickup leaked, tipping the EPA estimated driving range for the battery-electric pickup. Now, Ford has officially revealed both its targeted EPA estimated driving ranges and the final EPA-estimated range numbers for all versions of the electric pickup.

For the Lightning Pro, Lightning XLT, and Lightning Lariat standard range models, Ford targeted a driving range of 230 miles per charge and achieved precisely that number. The same models with the extended range battery had a goal of 300 miles per charge and exceeded expectations with an EPA estimated range of 320 miles per charge. The top-of-the-line Lightning Platinum was expected to go 280 miles per charge but achieved 300 miles per charge; presumably, the added weight of its premium features is why it doesn’t go as far as the less-expensive models.

The Lightning pickup is expected to launch this spring and will be very difficult to find for the foreseeable future.

Source:: 95 Octane