Fractional Ferraris: How A Company Called Rally Is Democratizing The Enthusiast Car Market, One Share At A Time

February 2, 2024 | Enthusiast News, From The Web,

With some knowledge, capital, and a little bit of luck, it’s possible to make money owning the types of cars that typically connote indulgent reductions in bank account balances. Pick the right vehicle, buy it at a fair price before the demand curve catches up to your prediction, and then sell it later on for more than what you paid; it’s a simple enough strategy, but not necessarily an accessible one. Having the correct opinions on what will appreciate is just one part of the process. A perfect crystal ball is useless if you can’t act on it. In other words, in order to sell something, you need to have bought it. 
We’ve all read about the humble prices that now-priceless post-war sports cars traded for in the 1980s at their market’s nadir, but those opportunities are long gone thanks to the accessibility of our collective accumulated knowledge, i.e. the internet. But even at their lowest values that hindsight has since revealed as complete bargains, these cars weren’t being completely given away. Relative to a few million today, a few thousand seems like pennies, but it’s not like every newly licensed teenager back then was driving around in a Ferrari purchased with lawn-mowing money. 

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