GALLERY: Go Behind The Scenes On Our Ferrari F40 and SF90 Stradale Film Shoot

February 2, 2024 | Enthusiast News, From The Web,

One of the highlights of 2022 was Ferrari’s 75th anniversary. To mark the occasion, Petrolicious partnered with Ferrari North America to profile six significant cars from its history and their modern analogues.
The first of these films features the perfectly preserved F40 belonging to long-time Ferrari owner and collector, Jerry Levy. The film is presented by road testing authority, Jethro Bovingdon, who compares and contrasts the F40 with Ferrari’s latest fastest car, the dramatic SF90 hybrid hypercar.
You can watch the full film on YouTube here, or find it embedded below:

In the late 1980s, the Ferrari F40 set a new benchmark in the burgeoning world of supercars. Many today would argue that it has yet to be surpassed thirty five years after the fact. 
In the time since, there have been dozens of well-appointed luxury sedans built that can trounce Enzo’s enlarged go-kart on the ‘Ring or down the quarter-mile, but as any actual driving enthusiast knows, on-paper performance doesn’t really matter once you trade your keyboard for the steering wheel. And it’s not like the F40 is a slouch in regards to the former, anyway; 200MPH-capable Ferraris with composite bodywork and twin turbos tend to resist such accusations of being slow. Outdated by definition, but slow? Not quite. 

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