Hennessey The Exorcist Camaro Aims to Banish the Demon

April 4, 2017 | Enthusiast News, From The Web

By Shane McGlaun

Hennessey The Exorcist Camaro Aims to Banish the Demon

When it comes to muscle cars, most of the talk of late has been focused on the Dodge Demon. We don’t even know how much power that thing will offer yet, but Hennessey Performance is betting it’s not enough to stop The Exorcist. This is a special Camaro based on the ZL1, but with a larger supercharger and more of everything needed to make big power.

Hennessey says that when wearing rear drag radials, the 1000 bhp and 966 lb-ft. of torque will push the car to 60 mph in under 3 seconds, and run the quarter mile in under ten seconds. The car also promises to be good on the road course, especially given how good the current-gen Camaro chassis and steering are.

Camaro ZL1 owners can send their cars to Hennessey for The Exorcist treatment for $55,000. The optional drag pack with wheels and tires is $8,995, and a track pack with wheels and tires for road work is $6,995. Both the 6-speed manual and 10-speed auto ZL1s can be converted, but automatic owners need to tack on another $9,950 for transmission upgrades. The Exorcist can also be ordered from Chevy dealers as a complete turn key car, though it’s unclear what the pricing will be for that option.

Source:: 95 Octane

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