Here’s Why The Maserati Sebring II Feels At Home Among The Skeletons Of An Old Cement Factory

February 2, 2024 | Enthusiast News, From The Web,

Where the waves of the sea find the shore, in a secluded gulf on a ragged coast, a strange place reveals itself. It’s not a resort, not a fishing village, nor a garden or a palace, and it’s not what you might expect from a scenic location on the shores of the Mediterranean. Walk past the tree line and you find the telltale signs of massive machinery, clad in weathered concrete and covered in the patina of hardened dust and salted wind. Is it pretty? Not in the typical sense. Although if you look closer, there is a sense of pride. After all, there was an age when industrial buildings were seen as temples of the utopian future to come, rather than husks of what once was. 

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