By Shane McGlaun

Hyundai Helps Little Girl Tell Astronaut Dad She Loves Him

Hyundai has helped a little girl tell her dad the most important message any kid can deliver; that she loves him. The catch is that the girl’s dad is an astronaut on the International Space Station. To deliver the message, Hyundai brought out a a massive team of support personnel, eleven Genesis sedans and precision drivers to craft her message in the desert sand.

The scale of the message is gigantic and when finished could be seen from space by the girl’s father. In the process the girl, Stephanie, got to send her dad a once in a lifetime message and Hyundai created an ad that gives you the feels.

It’s incredible how complex it was to create the simple message in the sand because it had to be precise and also huge. Special spiky tires were used to create the letters. I wonder how long the message will remain in the sand. Watch the video and see the creation for yourself.

Source:: 95 Octane