If You Can’t Buy the McLaren 675LT, At Least Build One

June 6, 2015 | Enthusiast News, From The Web

By John Thomas

If You Can't Buy the McLaren 675LT, At Least Build Onezoom in

McLaren’s amazing new $350,000

McLaren’s amazing new $350,000 675LT will be ready for the road this fall, but if you don’t that kind of cash to drop on this 675hp, 205 mph exotic, the company is giving you the opportunity to at least digitally build the exact model you would purchase the day your Powerball numbers come in.

McLaren’s 675LT Configurator offers a step by step process allowing you to customize and personalize your new McLaren exactly to your liking. First you start of with the basic exterior paint scheme. There are some wild color choices, from Storm Grey to Mantis Green. I went with the somewhat understated but elegant ice silver. Other variables include wheels (I chose the five-spoke models in stealth black) and calipers (I went Napier Green). Next up is a long line of body color accents, ranging from door latches to the lower side intake. My advice, choose the black McLaren badge for your wheels (red looks a bit gaudy) and make sure your side intake color matches the main color of the car – if not, it ruins the 675LT’s almost perfect proportions.

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When you get to picking interior elements, there’s only one major decision to make – seatbelt color. Go bold and go orange. Once you’re done, you can download a PDF of your McLaren masterpiece that you can hang on your wall, stare at and know that that’s about as close to driving one of these as you’re ever going to get.

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