By Shane McGlaun

Lanmodo Car Tent Keeps Cars Cool in the Hot Sun

I get it. In many parts of the world, it can get really hot. I’m from Texas and escaped to the cool of Colorado specifically to get out of that heat. In Texas in August, Satan will have a heatstroke in a car that has been parked outside for most of the day. A new product has turned up on Indiegogo designed to keep your car cool called the Lanmodo.

It’s sort of like a toupee for your car. It sits on top and blocks the sun from getting into all of your windows. The company claims that if your car’s interior would get to 71.5ºC (~160.7ºF) in full sunlight uncovered, the Lanmodo would keep your ride at a more tolerable 36.5C (~97.7ºF). While that’s not exactly cool, it’s survivable.

The Lanmodo folds up small for storage, and fits all kinds of vehicles, attaching with a big suction cup mount, and some straps to hold it in place in the wind. It deploys via a remote control, and appears to be pretty easy to handle. The thing can also be turned into a beach umbrella, and can be connected to sides and made into a tent. There appears to be no floor to the tent though. This might also be the thing for protecting your car from hail if you have no garage.

You can pre-order a Lanmodo standard unit for $239(USD) right now with shipping expected to start in July. If you want the Lanmodo and the tall stand you will spend $349, add in two side canopies and the price goes to $379, add two tent poles to that and you will spend $389. Get everything including a LED lamp and 8 side panels and you will spend $459.

Source:: 95 Octane