By Paul Strauss

Lexus LIT IS Lights up the Night

In its latest generation, the Lexus IS is a pretty good looking little luxury sport sedan. But the factory paint colors aren’t exactly splashy. If you want a really bright and colorful Lexus IS, you need to check this one out.

Built in collaboration between Lexus and video publisher Vevo, the LIT IS has been wrapped with an incredible 41,999 full-color LEDs. This allows the car to be lit up in any color, display images, or animations all over its body.


The can display a variety of designs, and can be controlled with gestures or music as an input source too.

In addition to the slick video demo above, the car plays a prominent role in the music video for Be the One, from UK musician Dua Lipa, which you can check out below:

Basically, it’s the ultimate skin. Can you imagine being able to change the color and design of your car at your whim? I’m hopeful that at some point in my life, somebody will come up with a production car wrapped in flexible OLED panels.


Source:: 95 Octane