By Sam Jemielity

Living Out a Classic Car Dream in Palm Springs

If you ever see a collector car driving around Palm Springs, there’s a pretty decent chance it belongs to local car collectors Sandy Edelstein and Scott King, especially if it’s pink and has enormous fins. Their eclectic array of classics includes a massive pink 1959 Mercury Park Lane and a 1992 Acura NSX, featured in a new Petrolicious episode set against the gorgeous Southern California landscape. “The Mercury is like piloting a vessel, you suggest where it should go instead of direct it,” King says. “It’s like driving a living room around town.”

Edelstein remembers as a kid looking forward each year in September to going down to the local auto dealerships, which at the time would cover their windows with paper to prevent people from seeing the new cars being readied on display. “We would go try to look in between the cracks on the paper to see if we could see the new models,” Edelstein recalls. King spent part of his advertising career working on Acura, and even remembered when the NSX was launched and his excitement at just getting a chance to sit in the car. “I never in my wildest dreams thought that I’d be able to own one,” King says.

The pair met 17 years ago and bonded over their shared love of cars. After an event at the Petersen Automotive Museum, they went on eBay and started looking for a car, and their collection was born. “A lot of the cars that we have collected, we aspired to when we were younger, or family members had them,” King says. “So this is a way to connect to that past, only behind the wheel.”

Source:: 95 Octane