Lotus to Launch an SUV in 2019

April 4, 2015 | Enthusiast News, From The Web

By Stirling Matheson

Lotus to Launch an SUV in 2019

It’s happening: the car company that we all love for being built up around the virtue of lightness (Lotus) is jumping in to the heaviest, clunkiest, and most profitable segment around: the SUV. Here’s what we know so far: It will be made in China, it will drop in 2019, and it will be “faster than a Macan” and be “the first lightweight SUV.” While the initial thought is to have a quick cry and then post obscenities online, I think this could actually be good.

You see, I once had, and published, a daydream of what the ideal Lotus car company would be in the modern day. There was some BS about putting Cosworth Duratecs in everything and some imaginary updates for the next generation Elises and Evoras, but the real meat was three new models that would all be based on the same platform: a RWD roadster, an AWD hatchback, and an SUV. The logic being that one front-engined platform could theoretically support all three vehicles, and they’re all things that would actually sell.

If the SUV is to be a real Lotus and to be genuinely cool it needs to prove itself. The Porsche Cayenne got a lot less grief after it proved that it was indeed an awesome vehicle in the Transsyberia rally, and I think the Lotus SUV needs to go to Dakar. If this is the road-going equivalent of a Dakar truck, like the old school WRX was the equivalent of the WRC car, it would be genuinely cool.

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