Mazda Demos 2016 MX-5’s 50/50 Weight Balance

June 6, 2015 | Enthusiast News, From The Web

By Shane McGlaun

Mazda Demos 2016 MX-5's 50/50 Weight Balance

One of the things that can be difficult to explain to someone in words is what exactly balance is when it comes to a car. I always find that it is much easier to put a student in a car, take them out on the track and let them experience what it feels like when the car is well balanced in high-G corners.

One of the most balanced cars you will ever find at the track is the Mazda MX-5 Miata, which has for many years attained a near-perfect 50/50 front-to-rear weight distribution. Balance isn’t something that Mazda just hopes the 2016 MX-5 will have, it spent a lot of time, effort, and money engineering balance into the car, while at the same time reducing weight down to a svelte 2,332 lbs.

I haven’t had the chance to drive a new ND MX-5 just yet, but I can tell you from lots of experience on the track that in the NC MX-5 the balance was fantastic. Check out this video from Mazda where it tries to explain some of what went into making sure the 2016 ND MX-5 had perfect balance on the road and track, and then proves its perfect center of gravity on a giant see-saw.

Source:: 95 Octane

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