Meet The ‘Terracotta Warrior,’ A Short-Wheelbase Porsche 911 Hot Rod Done Right

February 2, 2024 | Enthusiast News, From The Web,

The Terracotta Warriors are a stone army constructed and conscripted to guard an emperor’s tomb in ancient China. The name evokes a legendary, fearsome fighter, one that is quick, agile, and light on his feet. There is a short wheelbase Porsche 911 roaming the streets of San Francisco and the Bay Area beyond that possess many of the same attributes, and fittingly, its owner refers to it as the Terracotta Warrior. Unlike the stoic stone figures of its namesake however, this warrior is hardly immobile.
Gen Shibayama is well-known among Bay Area Porsche enthusiasts, as the collector and R-Gruppe member is keen on exercising his own small army. Gen maintains a sizable collection of primarily air-cooled cars, routinely purchasing, upgrading and restoring, and driving the hell out of them before deciding which ones are special enough to stay in his longer term collection. 

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