By Shane McGlaun

Mercedes-Benz Teases Pickup Concept

The mid-size truck market wasn’t that big for a long time. Ford stopped making its Ranger, and Chevy ditched its Colorado. That left Toyota and Nissan as the only entrants in the mid-size market. With the return of the Colorado, and insane popularity of the Tacoma, the mid-size market is having a bit of a renaissance.

Mercedes-Benz is now teasing a pickup truck concept that looks to be a mid-size vehicle too. The truck concept looks rugged enough to woo US buyers, but we have no idea at this time if it will come to the US.

The truck concept will be unveiled in Stockholm tomorrow, October 25, so we won’t have to wait long to see the complete truck. What we can see in the teaser video is a truck that has four doors and looks a lot like the Colorado in side profile from what I can see, though its body details are far more sleek and European.

Source:: 95 Octane