By Sam Jemielity

Mercedes Can't Stop Us Drooling Over the AMG GTC Roadster

When Mercedes gives you lemons, you make Limonade. That’s German for… well, you get it. Apparently, the German automaker promised to show off the new AMG GT C Roadster at the Paris Auto Show, underway in the City of Lights. However, that preview was only for a select few, and our pals at Carfection didn’t make the cut.

Ever enterprising, the Carfection team cut together this overview of the GTC Roadster, setting Alex Goy’s description over some seriously sexy still images and “B-roll” footage of the latest convertible AMG masterpiece, with 549 horsepower, delivering a top speed of 196 miles per hour and 3.7 seconds to 60 miles per hour. Personally, I’d rather see this beast out in the wild than cooped up on a dais surrounded by camera-happy conventioneers, anyway.

Source:: 95 Octane