By Shane McGlaun

Only 7 Saleen S7 LMs Will Be Built

I’ve always really liked the Saleen S7; it was definitely the coolest thing about Bruce Almighty. To celebrate their 7-year run of racing championships, Saleen is making seven limited edition cars for the lucky and wealthy to own. The Saleen S7 LM will have a unique livery, wheel, interior, and functional performance enhancements.

Saleen isn’t offering up all the details on this limited edition car right now. What we do know is that the car will use a 7.0L twin-turbo engine rated at 1,000hp. We have no idea how much the car will cost, but it will surely be expensive. The original 2000 Saleen S7 started at $375,000, and went up in price from there.

Each of the seven examples will be hand built in Corona, California. I wouldn’t be surprised if all of these cars are already sold. It certainly looks sexy in the image Saleen has provided.

Source:: 95 Octane