By Sam Jemielity

Rainy Racing as Two 1950s Sports Cars Fight to the Finish

In 1936, BMW launched the 328, which quickly made its mark with its 2-liter flat 6, gaining class wins at LeMans and winning the overall trophy at the 1940 Mille Miglia. Further evolved after the war by Bristol, the 328 notched a win at the 1952 British Grand Prix. In honor of the BMW centenary, Goodwood hosted the Lavant Cup, pitting BMW and Bristol-engine sports cars, including a handful of 328s.

And the race did its best to live up to the 328’s august history, with a wheel-to-wheel duel to the finish line between a Frazer-Nash LeMans replica and a Cooper-Bristol. The cars even touch wheels as they head for the home stretch, with the Cooper-Bristol pulling away for the win as the British television announcer gets just a little overheated.

Source:: 95 Octane