By Shane McGlaun

Tesla Model 3 Pre-Order Delivery Date Pushed Back

Tesla has promised some big things with the Model 3 EV like a massive driving range and an low price in comparison to their other vehicles. Pre-orders have been underway for a while now. Tesla has updated its website to reflect later delivery for pre-orders. Originally the site listed late 2017 as the delivery timeframe.

The pre-order site now lists mid-2017 as the start of production, with “new reservations” getting delivery in mid-2018 “or later.” Tesla has received hoards of pre-orders for the car with the number sitting at well over 400,000 units pre-ordered so far.

It’s not exactly clear if those who have pre-ordered in the past will still get their cars in late 2017, or if they’ll be waiting until 2018. Given Tesla’s lack of experience with such high production volumes, they’ll have a tall hill to climb to meet demand in a reasonable timeframe.

Source:: 95 Octane