The 2021 Ford F-150 Will Put You to Sleep

November 11, 2020 | Enthusiast News, From The Web

By Shane McGlaun

The 2021 Ford F-150 Will Put You to Sleep

Ford is showing off a very cool option that will be available in some versions of the 2021 F-150 pickup. The new feature, called Max Recline Seats, is designed to give owners a place to nap between job sites or when camping. The trick is that these seats can fold flat to almost 180 degrees, like the fancy seats in the First Class section of an airplane.

The goal is to make a seat comfortable for napping between driving sessions. The mechanism lifts the back half of the seat bottom by 3.5 inches, providing a flat surface that supports the lower back. The upper seatback can be moved forward for neck support. The idea for the new seats came when the dedicated Ford comfort team went into the field with customers to see how they used the pickup and normal daily living.

The design of the seats requires no additional motors and relies on the power recline function of the seats. Ford was granted five patents on the seats for their novel design and assembly processes. The Max Recline Seats will be offered as an option on King Ranch, Platinum, and Limited 2021 F-150 trucks.

Source:: 95 Octane

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