By Sam Jemielity

The Former Stig Pummels Three Beasts from Lexuszoom in


Besides writing a book, you might wonder what the race car driver previously known as “The Stig” has been up to lately. Apparently, testing out the latest arrivals from Lexus as a spokesman of sorts for the brand. In this video set at the Goodwood track in England, Collins test drives three notable Lexus creations: the legendary LF-A, and two cars which putatively have inherited some of the LF-A’s supercar DNA, the mean-looking RC F Coupe and the GS F sedan.

Unsurprisingly, Collins gets giddy drifting the LF-A around the track. “The LF-A is a thoroughbred supercar,” Collins says. “It has the best engine of any road car I’ve ever driven, hyper-responsive to the throttle.” No small praise coming from a driver who’s piloted some of the finest supercars in the world.

Collins also has a fun time whipping around the track in the more affordable siblings of the LFA, the RC F and the GS F. As for his favorite features on the RC F, Collins calls out the traction control button. Specifically, what he calls the “happy mode”: Traction control off. With the variable traction settings, you get “stability when you want it,” Collins says, “but you can still get crazy when you feel like it.”

Collins drove to the track in the GS F, which he describes as basically the RC F with two extra doors. “You can give it some proper hammer,” Collins says as he slides through a turn. “Basically this is a car that you can terrify your family and work colleagues. You can really impress them with your prowess at the helm of a very driveable, sporty every day car.” The Stig, er, Collins’ verdict: Both the RC F and GS F qualify as brutes on the track. Judge for yourself from the video.

Source:: 95 Octane