By Shane McGlaun

TORQ LTEV Rapid Response EV for Bomb Disposal Teams

A company called TORQ Defense Systems has revealed a new electric vehicle that is specifically designed for first responders and bomb disposal teams. The vehicle is called the Light Tactical Electric Vehicle (LTEV) and looks more like an off-road buggy than a normal EV.

The vehicle was designed specifically to allow an operator in a full bomb disposal suit to fit inside and operate the vehicle. It’s also capable of towing and deploying a vehicle bomb countermeasure system.It has a top speed of 30 mph and a fancy roll cage in case anything goes sideways. The LTEV has disc brakes all around and gets power from an 18 hp electric brushless motor, 450 Amp motor controller, and a 48V AGm battery. It can recharge from any 110V outlet. The exact driving range and charge time are unannounced.

Source:: 95 Octane