By Shane McGlaun

Warrantywise Offers Coverage for Used Bugatti Veyron

When you buy any used car with high repair costs it’s probably wise to pay for a warranty. If you are buying say a used Aston Martin, Jaguar, or anything German you certainly want to have it covered, given their track record. If you can afford to buy a used Bugatti Veyron, you can certainly afford to add on a warranty.

In one such case, a used Veyron set to be sold by Tom Hartley, a high-end car dealer in Britain, will come with a 12-month Warrantywise Platinum Plus warranty. The warranty covers all the mechanical and electrical parts along with oil seals, labor, AC, gaskets, drive belts, and radiators. Basically it covers all repairs up to the retail value of the car. Given the cost of repairs on a Veyron, the £10,000 (~$12,500 USD) price tag for the coverage seems like a bargain.

I can only imagine how much it would cost to fix an exotic car packing a gigantic 16.4L quad turbo 16-cylinder engine. They’re probably betting on the driver only putting a handful of miles on the car, like many collectible exotics. I wonder how many miles the driver will put on the car during the warranty period, maybe 5 or 6 I’d wager.

Source:: 95 Octane