By Stirling Matheson

Dear Future Children; This Is a Perfect Present

This man, seemingly best known as “Pops,” once was a 16-year-old in a green 1968 Pontiac GTO with a black vinyl top. He drove around with his girlfriend, who later became his wife, who then helped him create a few cool people. Pops just turned 60, and has, according to a tearjerker of a card, made many sacrifices for his family.

The card and the framed photos of his old car alone would have been an awesome present. That wasn’t enough for these kids, however. They also got him a green 1968 Pontiac GTO with a black vinyl top that had just been professionally restored, which was enough to reduce Pops’ vocabulary down to a singe word: “no” said with as much gleeful disbelief as possible. Like a true car guy, he revved the crap out of that engine.

In roughly three months I’ll be a dad, and I hope my kids are this awesome. On a related note, I also hope to make some extra money soon so I can replace my own dad’s Lotus Europa John Player Special that he regrets selling to this day.

Source:: 95 Octane