Automotive executives are meeting with the investor community starting Monday evening. Cruise Technologies Chief Operating Officer Gil West speaks at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media, & Telecom Conference. 

On the eve of the runoff election for the UAW, Ray Curry, top left, and Shawn Fain, bottom right, faced off in a debate. We’ll find out who won Monday.

A specific topic hasn’t been revealed, but it’s safe to assume he’ll address the company’s progress with its driverless fleet of taxis in San Francisco and what the company’s done to overcome some of the issues its run into.

Later in the week, Bob Holycross, Ford’s Chief Sustainability, Environment & Safety Officer sits down for a virtual fireside chat with auto analyst Emmanuel Rosner at the Deutsche Bank Global ESG Conference on March 9 at 9:00 a.m. ET. 

Holycross will discuss a number of ESG topics, including its Ford Plus plan for sustainable growth, transition to electric vehicles, progress toward meeting its carbon neutrality goal no later than 2050, and how it is building a responsible supply chain that respects human rights and protects the environment. 

We’ll also bring you the final results of the unprecedented UAW election that saw upstart Shawn Fain with a razor thin lead over incumbent Ray Curry. About 70% of the total votes in the runoff were counted headed into last weekend. 

Curry captured the victory after the initial vote last fall, but because he failed to capture 50% plus one majority, a runoff between the top two finishers was called for. Fain seemingly has snagged the votes of the other splinter party candidates to surge ahead of Curry.

Those are just some of the items we’re following this week as well as covering breaking news when it occurs. 

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